Shaping our landscape,
elevating our city
We are a Cape-based property development and investment team committed to finding opportunities that challenge the status quo. We work in the public domain on spaces that have the potential to change things. We never shy away from complex problems and believe in finding the solutions from within. Unlocking opportunities through innovation, taking a different angle, thinking intelligently and laterally.
Bringing together
property, people
and returns
Our experience covers residential and hospitality, as well as industrial and commercial, which gives us the freedom to work in any sector. Following in our founder's philosophy we choose projects that are meaningful in some way. It's about doing well in every sense, from attractive yields to uplifting businesses and improving the built environment. We create living buildings, because we believe in the people, businesses and opportunities within them.
We think
micro not macro
We choose projects that excite and inspire us. And then immerse ourselves entirely in the context, occupants, and purpose of the building. We find the solutions within the challenges, dare enough to see through any hurdles along the way, and push the project to its fullest potential.
Einstein said that if he had just 60 minutes to solve a problem, he would dedicate 55 minutes to framing the right question
We still do business
on a handshake
In all we do, we focus on connection and partnership. Everyone is welcome at our ideas table. We interact with realness, by being logical, realistic and genuine in all our dealings. We put our reputation above all else and our ventures thrive in an atmosphere of confidence and goodwill. We honour agreements and revere integrity. We have the energy to be daring and take on complex and challenging projects. To think big. Or small. It's about what works.
Interested in
partnering with us?