South Africa hospitality – ready, willing and able

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South Africa hospitality – ready, willing and able

The rebirth of hospitality and the unquestionable tenacity of the tourism sector.

It has been a tumultuous year for the tourism and hospitality industries with each sector being dealt a less-than-favourable hand as a result of the unforgiving Corona epidemic and subsequent lockdown. As level 1 opens more doors we can take our hats off to the hotels, restaurants, wine farms, tour operators, conference venues and guest houses that have rallied against the storm, who have shown incredible tenacity despite the odds and risen from the ashes, not unscathed but willing and able to do what they can to restore and revive the hospitality sector and tourism in South Africa.

From your housekeeper to your general manager, from your travel coordinator to your tour guide, from your waiter to your busboy – each and every one of us interlinked – we share a common goal, and that is to get travel and tourism up and running again. The joint passion and resolve of our industry is what has changed the course of this unprecedented time and is ultimately the reason why we will be ready to welcome visitors both locally and internationally to our shores and through our doors again.

I, as a fellow tour operator and hospitality manager, feel privileged to be a part of this movement. As hard as the knocks have been, we hospitality professionals are ready and we are hungry to deliver exceptional service. We are ready to showcase our country again on the main stage and we are ready to show our investors and global counterparts why we are proudly South African and deserve our place as one of the top travel destinations in the world.

With this forward momentum and positivity the team at Flyt Property Investment are thrilled about showcasing our offering and have launched WINK Aparthotels, an exciting, new hospitality brand in South Africa. Our properties are perfectly positioned and offer the full spectrum of short- and long-term accommodation solutions at our aparthotels in Cape Town!

Watch this space!

WINK Aparthotel


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The section specifically aims to help the growth of small and medium sized businesses by increasing their access to equity finance. To attract investors into this typically under-funded sector, which is imperative for driving economic growth, SARS has written Section 12J into the Tax Act, which offers taxpayers a 100% tax deduction in the year of investment if they invest in SMMEs by way of subscription of shares in a Section 12J Venture Capital Company.

Flyt’s Section 12J compliant property developments give investors the full 12J tax deduction, allowing them to put this saving/refund towards their property purchase. This means that SARS will effectively fund up to 45% of the purchase price of the property.

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